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Another essential poet on the matter of love is Pablo Neruda. Its easy to see why it is so loved—powerful, sensual, undeniably passionate. These works were scandalous when originally published in the s, but are truly a perfect balance of the emotional and the physical.

Though western readers may be unfamiliar, these two women are historic figures in Japanese poetry. Hirshfield herself is an accomplished poet and her translations of this stirring poetry are carefully and beautifully crafted. Carson has included footnotes and appendices, but the poetry itself is presented in a simple, beautiful style. Even in pieces, Sappho is a master of love poetry.

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Oliver published her first poetry book in , won the Pulitzer Prize in , and has produced many books and collections since. Fans and newcomers alike will be moved by her candor.

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His work is, by turns, soaring and heartbreaking. In particular, he captures the conflict and confusion that can accompany being a young gay man. These are the kind of poems you can read again and again and always see something new. Jordan presents not only the excitement and joy of love but also the pain and anger that can come when love faces rejection.

Everyman Anthologies are well known, and for good reason. This collection covers the essential love poetry from across the globe.

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This is perfect for anyone just starting to read love poetry or who wants to have all their favorite verses in one place. This collection will shatter any notion that love poetry books are all stuffy, chaste, bore-fests.

From ancient Egypt to modern America, these works show that poets have always been some of the sexiest, edgiest writers in the world. Those people just happen to be craigslist users. Journalist Alan Feuer began turning missed connections into poetry as a bit of a joke, but the results range from hilarious to breathtaking. Trust Bukowski to bring us the least romantic title on this list. There is little trace here of the swooning, moonlit love of traditional love poems. Instead, these poems press to the limits of love and heartbreak.

A modern favorite, Faudet writes with thought-provoking simplicity. His writings on love are sometimes whimsical but do not shy away from sex or heartbreak. But this still makes them part of the writer's work in progress. Poetry anthologies by poets are always manifestoes, always somewhere of a piece with the poet's preferences and preoccupations.

When Fenton had written the three pieces in The Love Bomb, he noticed that they 'shared an overt theme, in a way that was never planned. That theme is fanaticism'. Fenton's New Faber Book, in all its great variety and all its shrewd eccentricity - more poems by Blake, Tennyson and Yeats than by anyone else, no Dylan Thomas, nor Ted Hughes, nor Louise Gluck - is also about what people can do, and write, in the name of love.

This, in other words, is an anthology of love poems that is politically timely without being in any way palpable in its design. The poems are usually witty, often amusing and rarely reassuring. In writing The Love Bomb, Fenton had become interested in Christian cults - though his own poetry has always been obsessed by collusion and betrayal - and 'love bombing', he discovered, was a technique for converting people.

Many of the poems in Fenton's riveting anthology suggest that most love has a love bomb in it somewhere and that secular love is often akin to a conversion experience, but the cult will not declare itself or dares not speak its name. To possess is not only to own, but also to control through subtle influence.

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  • Stop! in the name of love;

Either loving someone depends on not knowing them or what we call knowing people is what we use to spoil our love. Cope catches the extremities of the predicament; either way someone is going to be hated and someone is going to have to stop believing in something.

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There are no anthologies of hate poetry or, indeed, of the poetry of fanaticism and it is one of the many good effects of Fenton's book to make us wonder why we want to call these poems love poems. If an anthology of love poetry can't tell us what a love poem is, then what can? Fenton begins his book with a short essay pointedly entitled 'Love Poetry: An Introduction' - that is, an introduction to love poetry but not necessarily an introduction to his selection - in which he says rather little about what he chose and why.

He has warned us, though, that the introduction could be to something other than his book and it is. No poetry collection, either. It would be odd if a new book of love poems was without such classics, but it is Fenton's desire to play the whole thing down that makes the reader play up. He wants us to know that love poems are integral to what poetry is, but that the love topic can make us misleadingly serious or weirdly facetious.

As often in Fenton's poetry, the terror comes as farce. Love poems, he tells us, are like songs - and there are many great songs in this anthology - and, like songs, they are often simple: 'I love you. You love me. I used to love you. You don't love me. I want to sleep with you.