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This gives a great pump with great strength result. I did two times what do you recommend me in order to achieve ten reps. Sorry I missed this question, serious weight gain, diet, will get you there. I just started doing reps with last month.

How to Increase Your Bench Press

Some days my sets are 8x,7x,6,6,6, but some days it's only6x5x4x4x and I realize it's time to do flies and pushdowns. My 1RM is with sloppiness, and I want to reach by Jan 1st. I weigh lbs,and have been working on the flat bench for 1. I'm going for still :- , is very doable if you are getting around g of protein per day, try to get em more from real food rather than protein powders though. I would like to invite you to visit www.

Consult your doctor or a medical professional before beginning any fitness or diet program. Labels: how to bench press how to bench 3 plates big bench how to bench kilograms kgs kilograms big chest how to bench more up to The hangers-on would proceed to load the barbell with vast amounts of weight, often going up to five pound plates on each side. The short man would proceed to miss nearly every lift he attempted, usually getting stuck at the bottom and having his three or four-man team pull the weight off of him.

Although this seemed to have no possible physical benefit, it attracted a great deal of attention from other gym-goers and he was regarded, at least by the pre-YouTube and Instagram standards of , as an extremely powerful individual. His workouts were largely useless, but his reputation as a strong man preceded him. Such adherence to bad form comes as no surprise to veteran powerlifter Mitchell Sahlfeld.

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Many times an adjustment in technique can temporarily lower your numbers while you get used to the new movement, but the ceiling for performance is much higher down the road. For Sahlfeld, this is ultimately a matter of ego — misplaced self-esteem inextricably tied up with mechanically unsound performances on the bench press. But in some sense, this obsession with technique is a kind of nerdy inside baseball. Influencers can focus on that low-hanging fruit.

Singerman, a powerfully built man who has been part of the mainstream fitness community for a long time, is frequently asked how much he benches. When I was 26 I was able to put up lbs. But then life took me in another direction and my priorities shifted. I know I am taking his quote out of context.

Turns out it was lbs. Posterior Dumbell Abduction — 35 x 8; 35 x 8; 35 x 8; 35 x 6; 35 x 6. Cable scapular retraction — x second hold; x second hold; x second hold. It was !

So I upped the weight of my working set to ! This was my 1 RM the workout before! How could this be? Sometimes in as little as a single workout. This is because they learn to recruit so much new tissue. Two chest days per week. I really got on a learning curve! I think it may have been due in part to Yves.

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Dats right. Surely I have locked on to the greatest training protocol of all time and nothing would stop me! If all went well I should be able to command this weight with more confidence and maybe achieve a 4th rep. I was mostly interested in how the weight felt. In a perfect world, I like to add reps before I increase the load. I once heard that you lose about a repetition for every 10 lbs you add. Of course, there are no guarantees….

Immediately, I realize that this is not going to be my day. The eccentric motion was controlled and i reached 90 degrees of elbow flexion, but the weight was just too much today. I began the press, and nothing happened. To his credit, he gave me the benefit of the doubt.

Then I added a set or two of flies and called it a day. The next chest day was worse. The warm up did not go as well. There are many reasons why one would not achieve strength gains. I am 37 now and I do like to have the occasional beer, so maybe times are changing and that is the culprit.

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All of my other lifts were getting stronger. I eat 1. Also I have always made strength gains in the past employing these training protocols. The lb bench would have to suffice for now. My central nervous system and I needed a break. The next 4 weeks would surly give it to us! More muscle means more strength I thought. Its a logical thought. He told me to give him my bicep exercises at the end of my training session. The thrust of it was to increase the length of time the muscles are under tension by slowing down the eccentric rage of motion.

So; the concentric movement happened on one second; and the eccentric happened on 3 seconds. Since that day, I have changed the lives of many by showing what that guy showed me. It is never very long into a strength routine that I double back to a protocol of long duration light weights. I have been doing this for 10 years, with reliable results. I believe this approach is the reason.

In fact, if anything, I had regressed a bit. After taking a week of active rest in this case light gym appearances with swimming; boxing; outdoor jogging etc. It burns. I continued this program twice a week for four weeks. The dumbbells at my gym only go up to lbs. That was enough, trust me. I load up the heavy bench and after a warm up give a try. I manage 4 reps. The weight feels like a truck in my hands. This calls for a shake up.

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I drop the weight down to mange 5 reps; then drop to and squeeze off 12 slowly. This produces a thunderous burn. Five minutes later I repeat the drop set and finish off with dumbbell flies and some rhomboid work. Finally, some progression. Then drop to then as before. My bench that is! I managed to stay active over the holidays. There was one extra day of rest and I actually wound up skipping a chest day…?!? Not to worry. I got it back.

Hit 3 Plates on Bench Press FINALLY!!!

Then it becomes an obsession. And it was over Christmas! Like a corner had indeed been turned. I got my first set of weights for my 12th birthday. If you had told me then, that at the age of 37 I would be benching lbs, I would have been mighty happy! There could be an injury; a change of interest; a series of life events that take you away from your pursuit. Love what you can do now. Honour your body, for the miracles it gives you. Do it now! In addition to being a blessed and sacred time, it is not conducive to diet and exercise!

The wedding was in Mexico. The resort we were at had a gym. Quite a good gym. The first heavy chest day in Mexico was an eye opener.