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I was so surprised, it took a considerable amount of will to keep from dropping the glass I was holding.

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My lord. He rolled her onto her back and devoured her with his mouth, claimed her with his hands and then his body. Do you know what words, what promises we would have spoken had we been there, not here, this morning? Turning her face into his hand, she kissed his palm, covering his hand with hers, and a groan tore from his chest, his mouth descending on hers in a kiss that was both rough and tender as he parted her lips for the demanding invasion of his tongue.

As if he saw her distress, he smoothly changed the topic. It was an absurd thing to discuss with anyone, especially a gentleman. He spoke to her like an equal and seemed to enjoy it whenever she debated an opinion with him. What kept you abovestairs so long? Sir Francis recovered from his surprise in time to introduce her to the three other people at the table-two men who resembled him in age and features and two women of perhaps five and thirty who were both attired in the most shockingly revealing gowns Elizabeth had ever seen.

Elizabeth accepted a helping of cold meat to silence her protesting stomach while both women studied her with unhidden scorn. I disapprove of too much personal adornment. I consider them a great waste of money. No point in spending money at all. Then he forced himself to sit back down and reconsider the wisdom of wedding her. She was lovely-her face more mature then he remembered it, but not even the black veil and scraped-back hair could detract from the beauty of her emerald-green eyes with their long, sooty lashes.

He put the shadows down to her far-too-serious nature.

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Her dowry was creditable, and her body beneath that shapeless black gown…he wished he could see her shape. Perhaps it, too, had changed, and not for the better, in the past few years. All faces at the table watched her with alert fascination-particularly the greedy Sir Francis. I should say a miraculous effect. Today he almost hugged me in his eagerness to tell me you were here, and why. The one thing he did not have was time, and time was what he was losing.

At this rate Elizabeth would be giving birth to her first child before he got back to London. If I could take the pain for you, I would. Putting her arms around his shoulders, Elizabeth braced herself for whatever pain was coming, knowing as he tensed that it was going to happen, talking as if she could calm herself. Overwhelmed with relief, Ian kept his left arm around her and gently took her chin between his forefinger and thumb, tipping her face up to his.

Her magnificent eyes were still wet with tears, but a smile was trembling on her rosy lips. I suppose you could insist that she hold up an earring between her fingers so you could shoot that instead.

Without being conscious of what he was doing, Ian moved his thumb from her chin to her lower lip, rubbing lightly against its inviting fullness. He finally realized what he was doing and stopped. Elizabeth saw his jaw tighten. All she knew for certain was that, for just a few minutes more, she would have liked to be in his arms. But when his fingers pulled at the ribbon that held her gown in place at her shoulder, she jerked free of his kiss, automatically clamping her hand over his.

His fingers stilled, and Ian lifted his heavy-lidded gaze to hers. The question took him by surprise, but as he stared into her green eyes Ian saw her apprehension, and he had a good idea what was causing it. Of course it does. He smiled with tender amusement at her phrasing.

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Now, do you honestly believe the rules of nature would be completely set aside for people? Whoever she is, she must be in a deal of trouble if you need me. Standing in the doorway like a vision from heaven was an unknown young woman clad in a shimmering silver-blue gown with a low, square neckline that offered a tantalizing view of smooth, voluptuous flesh, and a diagonally wrapped bodice that emphasized a tiny waist. Her glossy golden hair was swept back off her forehead and held in place with a sapphire clip, then left to fall artlessly about her shoulders and midway down her back, where it ended in luxurious waves and curls that gleamed brightly in the dancing candlelight.

Beneath gracefully winged brows and long, curly lashes her glowing green eyes were neither jade nor emerald, but a startling color somewhere in between. In that moment of stunned silence Roddy observed her with the impartiality of a true connoisseur, looking for flaws that others would miss and finding only perfection in the delicately sculpted cheekbones, slender white throat, and soft mouth.

The vision in the doorway moved imperceptibly. Never had she seen Roddy display the slightest genuine fascination for a feminine face and figure. She put her cheek against his shoulder, her arms curving around him. He had realized within minutes of meeting her that she was rare; he had known within hours that she was everything he wanted. Passionate and gentle, intelligent, sensitive, and witty. He was so proud of the courage that had enabled he to repeatedly confront adversity and adversaries-even when the adversary was him.

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  • A few minutes later he strode back down and into the library, where he flung himself into a chair, his eyes riveted on the clock. Upstairs the household was in an uproar as the duke called for his valet, his butler, and his footmen. Unlike Ian, however, the duke was ecstatic. I need a shave. I want evening clothes-black, I think-a diamond stickpin and diamond studs. Stop thrusting that cane at me, man. Where the devil is Anderson? How like me, Hortense would say, to have made such a silly mistake. I would say you are as wily as a fox.

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