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In the original investigation, one of Tilton's former prayer hotline operators claimed the ministry cared little for desperate followers who called for prayer, saying Tilton had a computer installed in July to make sure the phone operators talked to no caller for longer than seven minutes. Also in the original report, a former friend of Tilton's from college who remained anonymous and was shown in silhouette claimed both he and Tilton would attend tent revival meetings as a "sport" and would claim to be anointed and healed at the meetings.

He added the two had often discussed the notion that after graduation they would set up their own roving revival ministry "and drive around the country and get rich. In the same interview, Tilton's former secretary came forward and claimed Tilton lifted excerpts from "get rich quick" books and used them in his sermons, and she never saw him perform normal pastoral duties such as visiting with the sick and praying with members.

Despite Tilton's repeated denials of misconduct, the State of Texas and the federal government became involved in subsequent investigations, finding more causes for concern about Tilton's financial status with each new revelation.

After nearly 10, pounds of prayer requests and letters to the Tilton ministry were found in a disposal bin at a Tulsa area recycling firm in February , along with itemized receipts of their delivery from Tilton's main mail-handling service in Tulsa rather than from the church offices in Farmers Branch, Tilton admitted in a deposition given to the Texas Attorney General's office that he often prayed over computerized lists of prayer requests instead of the actual prayer requests themselves, and that prayer requests were in fact routinely thrown away after categorization.

As each revelation became increasingly more damaging, viewership and donations declined dramatically.

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The last episode of Success-N-Life aired nationally on October 30, In , Tilton sued ABC for libel because of its investigation and report, but the case was dismissed in Federal Judge Thomas Rutherford Brett , in his July 16, , dismissal of the case, stated that information in the Trinity Foundation's logs on prayer requests reportedly found in dumpsters on September 11, , "could not have been found then because the postmark date was after September 11, ", but also noted that Ole Anthony had recanted the erroneous entries in a subsequent affidavit.

Anthony could not be trusted and was obsessed with his crusade against [Tilton]. Several donors to Tilton's television ministry sued Tilton in —, charging various forms of fraud. As part of the defense strategy to the fraud cases, Tilton sued Ole Anthony, Harry Guetzlaff and four plaintiff's lawyers who had filed the fraud cases against him in federal court in Tulsa.

Tilton claimed that the individuals conspired to violate his First Amendment rights under a post—Civil War federal statute designed to protect blacks from the Ku Klux Klan. On appeal, in Tilton v. Richardson , 6 F. The fraud cases continued until the Texas Supreme Court eventually ruled that the plaintiffs could not prove damages because they could not show that, if Tilton had actually prayed over the prayer requests, the prayers would have been answered. Dallas lawyer Gary Richardson, who represented many of the parties suing Tilton for fraud, attempted to intervene in the Tiltons' divorce, citing the potential for the divorce settlement to be used to hide financial assets that were currently part of the many fraud cases; Richardson's petition to have the divorce action put on hold until after the fraud cases were settled was denied.

Under Texas law, property accumulated during a marriage is considered community property and thus subject to division between the parties in a divorce. The jury eventually ruled against the request.

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Lexington Academy was a small private Christian school in Farmers Branch, Texas a suburb of Dallas , that was founded in the early s by Robert Tilton and his wife Marte. The name "Lexington" was chosen in honor of the Battle of Lexington. The school mascot was the Patriots. Tilton returned to television in with a new show called Pastor Tilton , a show with an emphasis on "demon blasting" exorcism practices, usually involving Tilton shouting as loudly as possible at demons supposedly possessing people suffering from pain and illness.

However, this program was far less successful than its predecessor, and was cancelled by the end of the year. After moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida , in , Tilton returned to the airwaves in with a new version of Success-N-Life , buying airtime on independent television stations primarily serving inner-city areas. The new version of Success-N-Life returned to Tilton's previous message of asking for "vows of faith" from viewers instead of exorcisms.

Though Tilton was still listed as the church's senior pastor, he had not preached at the church since March 16, , when he named Chattanooga, Tennessee , minister Bob Wright as senior associate pastor, [8] and its membership had declined to less than The church had already existed for some time under the pastorship of former televangelist David Epley.


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Tilton's new church, now called "Christ the Good Shepherd Worldwide Church", had approximately members in On May 13, , the church moved into a new location in Miami and was officially renamed "Word of Faith Church", much like his original church in Dallas. It has also been officially renamed "Word of Faith Church". The Las Vegas church's resident pastor is Natalie Vafai. When Tilton returned to television in , he established his ministry's headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma , where his lawyer J. Joyce's offices were located, and set up a post office box as its mailing address.

A woman employed by Mail Services, Inc. In January , Tilton is currently holding services at the Courtyard Marriott in Culver City, California , while having donations again sent to a post office box in Tulsa. In , The Washington Post reported that Tilton's following disappeared after the investigations but he had "joined dozens of other preachers to become fixtures on BET". In an article for the dallasobserver. They weren't godly at all. But the primary allegation that came out of that—that prayer requests were thrown away—was categorically untrue, and I can guarantee you that was not a normal practice.

The Trinity Foundation still monitors Tilton's television ministry as part of Trinity's ongoing televangelist watchdog efforts.

Diocese in Europe

In , two men began distributing a video they compiled lampooning Tilton and his ostensible conversations with God. The video exploits Tilton's facial expressions and preaching style. The original video contained no title screen and was roughly edited. The video featured a medley of footage from Success-N-Life overdubbed with well-timed sound effects of flatulence. Similar videos have since been made with more recent footage of Tilton and are distributed throughout the Internet, all under the Farting Preacher name.

The video distribution including digital bootlegs distributed online expanded public awareness of Tilton and his controversial television ministry. You just need to use it, saith the Lord. The comedy material of Ron White also includes mention of Tilton. In the opening to White's act in the first Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie, Ron claims that "while sitting in a beanbag chair naked eating Cheetos", he finds Tilton on TV and believes Tilton is talking specifically to him: "Are you lonely?

Yes sir! I thought he was talking about me there for a second. Apparently, I ain't the only cat on the block who digs Cheetos! In the early s, the Trinity Foundation put together a number of news broadcasts, including the initial Primetime Live piece, from the years surrounding the investigations into Tilton's ministry on a DVD entitled The Prophet of Prosperity: Robert Tilton and the Gospel of Greed. Joe Bob Briggs , excerpts from the Pastor Gas videos, and a number of mocking music videos, as well as moments from Success-N-Life showing Tilton's more outrageous claims of "visions from God.


The cash cow! The golden cash cow had a body like the great cows of ancient Egypt, and a face like the face of Robert Tilton—without the horns. And through the centuries, it has roamed the Earth like a ravenous bovine, seeking whom it may—lick! Tilton's antics are also lampooned in the area of software technology by Douglas Crockford.

Robert Tilton

Crockford created "The Tilton Macro Preprocessor", which he describes as "one of the ugliest programming languages ever conceived". The comedian and satirist John Oliver criticized Tilton's televangelism ministry as fraudulent on his nationwide television program Last Week Tonight on August 17, That's right So at this point, we're just two letters in and it's like having a pen pal who's in deep with some loan sharks. Oliver set up his own "televangelism" megachurch on his broadcast, which he called Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

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