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Mold and Your Rental Property: A Landlord's Prevention and Liability Guide

It grows both indoors and outdoors and thrives in warm and damp or humid environments. In a rental property, you may spot mold on paneling, wallboard, carpeting, paint, ceiling tiles, clothing, furniture, and other substances that can retain moisture and become ideal breeding grounds for mold.

When mold grows, its presence suddenly becomes visible, appearing in amorphous clusters of black, green, gray, or white. Even when mold is hidden behind walls, under floors, or above ceilings, it can sometimes be detected by a suspicious, musty odor. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Learn how to get a handle on mold problems and limit costly repairs and tenant lawsuits. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Taking Action Against Others for a Mold Problem Insurance Coverage for Mold Problems Many landlords start thinking about mold when it makes a startling appearance one day at their rental property. Although we often hear about just mold, this fungus. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Close Dialog Are you sure? Oh, and I forgot to say - the police were called within her first 24 hrs in the flat and broke the door down.

Three months on and we discovered the walls in the lounge red and black and the skirtings grey. Oh, and the rent stopped about that time too - problem with benefits - funny how it doesn't stop them buying a 54 inch flat screen TV though? Does it?

Nightmare Tenants S2 E02

She cursed and swore like a trooper and announced she was bi-polar! We got her out after another few months and set to work to freshen the place up again. The joys of being a landlord! Baabaabing said: 01 June No1. They say the definition of a fool is doing the same thing over and over expecting things to change, and yet you still rent out. I don't give two hoots whether she ripped you off or if you were paid in full! So if she wore a yashmak you'd call her what?

You wouldn't dare call her anything other than sir or madam, spineless idiots. No3 Male not female No4 eggcup, otherwise known as 'empty vessel' uses this forum as a place to vent vitriol and cast evil comments on everything she comes into contact with. Go back and look at her stories comments they are always somebody in the story who's been a bitch, is a bitch, about to become a bitch, lived next door to a bitch, hired a bitch, worked for a bitch, went out for a meal and was served by a bitch, you see the pattern emerging. No5 'eye on Spain' why not just change the name to 'eye on empty vessel oh and a villa to rent in Valencia.

Yes, the woman was all sweetness and light before she got the keys and as I've said, you have to have trust and take risks in business. We have properties in many different areas, and you can't always hold out for a middle class tenant, as you just end up with a void for 6 months, before having to accept the type of person that lives in that area. It's a fact of life that some people are con-artists and cheats; and the successful ones know how to turn on the charm when you first meet them.

What I find surprising and disappointing, is the number of people who then blame the victim in this case me , rather than the perpetrator. Why should anyone ever do that in any context? One said the council told her to sit tight and don't move and don't pay the rent!!! So who pays my mortgage? She like them all are on benefits to the hilt. Bad back cant work We had photos from her facebook riding her own horse and cleaing it out etc you get the picture. They are all scum.

Another broke three windows, wrecked all carpets and blinds took cooker fridge and freezer, disconnected alarm, took garage door. BaaBaabing what planet are you on. Should I go on no why bother I may get sued lol Back to Spain soon to get some sun and have a laugh and a drink They drink all day strange world. This is the thing with 'Empty Vessel' she has the problem of selective reading, only picking out the parts of the story that she can attack.

As I pointed out earlier my concern was that these bullies had called someone FAT! This women could be the worse women on the planet, oh sorry that place is reserved, sorry eggcup, no matter how she behaved her size is irrelevant and that is my point. So all you landlords who feel the need to abuse your tenants by name calling, beware.

For all your mouthing off i. That's why you spout off in here, hey how about I transfer this to Facebook and let the public decide if calling someone FAT is acceptable form of behaviour. Good Luck. I believe I have had the highest readership ever today. It's gratifying to know so many people are interested in this subject. As I've said before, although this is a website about Spain, many expats depend upon rental income from properties let out in the UK and it is for this reason that it appears so relevant to many of you.

All the best. Macha said: 02 June Pity about the chavvy writing. Try and write about a horrid, cheating, 'chavvy' little con-artist in the style of Jane Austen and make it interesting enough that thousands of people want to read about it. I'd be the first to admire such a piece of writing. On a more substantive note, I hope some of you have learnt the lesson about tenants trying to get a stay of execution of the bailiff's warrant at the last minute.

That saved us from a lot more heartache and financial loss and I hope I have helped at least one reader to handle this situation if it ever arises. Mike said: 02 June Whilst I am sorry for your problems, you have clearly lost a lot more than rental income. You have lost your dignity. Why comment about her size?

Apartment Ratings

Why 'wind up one eyed man'?. You sound like the kind of person who would outlive God just to have the last word.

Apartment Ratings

Get a life. Bilbo said: 02 June What an appalling woman.

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Make that two! Their challenge then will be to keep their dignity and never say a bad word about her. Because they are above that sort of behaviour. And then they can listen to people who do not know all the facts siding with her against them and then they should also behave in a ladylike manner i. It's easy to say you would handle such a situation differently but how do you know if you have never been in the same position?