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Without traction you are nothing. They are not as finicky as slicks, but they stick just as well and handle better.

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  • Top Fuel monsters put on notice: 5,000-hp electric dragster has 8 world records in its sights?
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  • Top Fuel monsters put on notice: 5,hp electric dragster has 8 world records in its sights!

Plus, you can drive the tires on the street on the way to the track. On a car with leaf springs on the back, go straight to CalTracs bars from CalvertRacing.

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The other suspension tricks to consider are drag-style shocks. Those same companies, in addition to Moroso and Eibach, offer drag-oriented coil springs.

Even without all that trickery, you might find that your car launches better at the dragstrip if you unhook your front sway bar. After traction is dialed in, you might start breaking axles if you have decent power.


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The Ford 8. In the case of the Ford 8. In the stock C-clip setup, the clips that hold the axles in the car are in the centersection, and if an axle breaks, the wheel falls off the car. NHRA tracks do not allow C-clip rearends used with slicks. As soon as you break a rearend component, consider an upgrade to an aftermarket bolt, Ford 9-inch, or Dana Throwing money into basic axle repairs will end up being a waste if you plan on stepping up power later.

Another thing you can expect to have to change almost immediately is the clutch in your late-model Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Corvette, or whatever. Even with a stock engine, an aftermarket converter can make a huge difference in elapsed times. Third Step: Rebuild Engine Virtually any muscle car V8 can make hp these days with little more than a good rebuild, a midsize hydraulic roller cam, and aftermarket cylinder heads.

NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

That will get you into 11s or 12s at the track without much time spent perfecting the combo. The larger the displacement, the easier that will be to accomplish, and the tamer the engine can be as far as being able to drive it anywhere. For example, a big-block Chevy can make hp without even trying, and a stroker makes for nearly the same price.

To make hp with a small-block or out of a stroker is a big deal—and far more expensive and less easily driveable. Cubic inches are your friends. But cubes also suck gas, so you might consider a smaller engine with a power-adder, meaning nitrous, a turbo, or a blower.

A mild or Chevy, Ford, or Mopar can get a midweight car running in the high 10s with a hp shot of nitrous. Fourth Step: Add Power There are big advantages to running a power-adder on a car you want to be able to drive a lot on the street. First, you can make much more power with an engine that is significantly tamer, as far as the camshaft profile goes.

If you choose to go with some kind of boost, you can also run a fairly low compression ratio that allows you to cruise on octane gas if you keep your foot out of it. The higher compression of a big-power, naturally aspirated engine will require a bigger cam and higher-octane fuel. Perhaps more important, a power-adder engine can use a tamer torque converter and rear axle gears that make street and highway cruising easier. Torque converter stall speed increases with load, therefore more engine power creates higher stall. A boosted engine makes a lot more low-speed torque than a naturally aspirated engine, so a tighter, larger-diameter, more highway-friendly converter may be used, and it will still stall at a higher speed in drag launch conditions.

It goes through the traps at about 8, rpm. Though both cars run roughly the same mph in the quarter, the bigger engine with the power-adder can make the same or more power at lower rpm and can therefore perform well at the track with higher rear axle gears. Fifth Step: Nitrous, Blower, or Turbo?

In March he had been out on the track himself and had planned to be racing in April. Not that long ago, Mr. But drivers said that a crackdown on aggressive driving by the Dubai police discouraged street racing, so Mr. He took the suggestion and earned fourth place in his debut run. Although still relatively off the mainstream radar, the complex has become a safe way for Emirates gearheads to get off local roads to test their mettle on a track instead. He financed the building of the track with his own money, initially as a way for his friends and him to compete against one another.

He sees the track as a way to reduce accidents by providing drivers with a safe environment. Dubai is among the few cities of its size — it has a population of about 1. Here, driving is a necessity.

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Cars are more than a means of transportation, however: With a real growth rate in gross domestic product of Not surprisingly, this has helped make Dubai a playground for high-octane thrill-seekers once the sun goes down and the traffic thins out. The team owner over there Richard Freeman, owner of Elite Motorsports , point blank, admitted to me to my face that they were running illegal fuel at the time in Right then and there, at that point, you lose trust in somebody.

We knew that was probably one of the last ways you can bend the rules. It kind of was, but it was something that had been planned for quite some time by us. At some point, we said we need to do this before the Countdown the upcoming six-race Countdown to the Championship playoffs to determine the Pro Stock champion , we need it to clear our mind. So we did it and obviously they passed the sniff test and here we are. How do you feel now that they passed the test and nothing was found?

In the Desert Near Dubai, an Oasis for Drag Racing - The New York Times

Where do you go from here? But they Elite Motorsports will be eight or nine one week and No. His car would slow down and her Enders car would go up. It seemed strange.

Where do you as a competitor go from here? This one was one of those that we felt was kind of a cut-and-dry. Does that bother you? Richard Freeman was pretty fired up about it Friday night and started texting me and we exchanged some pretty hateful texts between the two of us.

So there you have it. Jeg Coughlin Jr. Are you expecting that and what might be said between the two of you? May the best man or woman win Sunday. What happens if you meet either Erica or Jeg in the final round and how can you not let what happened Friday bother you? With a Silver Bullet!