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Share a story of your own, but keep it light-hearted because this is a pretty heavy subject. David just lays his heart and emotions out there for all of humanity to see—times of great joy, sadness even depression , love, trust in God, and loss of faith in what God can do.

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He was betrayed by one of His disciples—someone He spent an enormous amount of time with during His final years on earth. Ask: How would you feel if you knew one of your friends was plotting to betray you? God will help you, even when you can't see a path to healing, and will teach you how to help others when they feel betrayed.

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Ask: What would you consider to be the ultimate betrayal? So, tell me, what does a betrayal feel like to you? However, healing is possible and building healthy emotional skills will help you plan for your next best steps. Kristin A.

Jesus Christ’s Betrayal, Arrest, and Trial

Ask yourself these questions when considering a change. Are you living with delayed grief? Here are some ways to begin healing.

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Do You Desire Change? At Home With Grief How to start a conversation with someone in grief. A Grief That Waits Are you living with delayed grief?