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In traditional witchcraft, this simple and effective practice is used in many magical purposes love, money….

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Washing can be done from the head to the foot or on a specific area such as feet in voodoo. These different preparations are often performed by a priest or priestess of different magical traditions as they add the dimension of the sacred as an intermediary between the gods and the problems of men.

If you want to banish or get rid of harmful waves, you will wash starting from the head towards the feet. If the bath is to attract some energy, then a cup of the bath mixture should be used to wash your clothes so your clothes would become charged.

Ritual Bath for Beauty, Radiance, and Personal Power

A second cup should be poured on the ground at a crossroads, facing east to attract, and facing west for banishment. If this bath serves to attract specific energies, it should be done for a full month depending on the astrological day corresponding to the request.

Bath for luck: Rose, vanilla, vetiver, lemon, verbena, lemongrass, galangal, mint, quinquina basil. Spiritual bathing can be fun when done properly as it leaves you with a refreshed aura.

How to use your radiance herbal blend

Do you wish to try it out? Go ahead then. You can prepare your recipe depending on the purpose of the bath. You must be logged in to post a comment. Remember me Log in. What's in your love herbal blend? If you do have a bath, you can use your love herbal blend in one of two ways: Using the muslin bag provided: Place your herbs into the muslin bag and draw the strings tight.

Ritual Bath Magick

Either pop this into your bath and let the herbs infuse into the water; or: Tie the string over the faucet so the hot water runs through the herbs. Bring the water and the herbs up to a gentle boil and simmer for anywhere from minutes. Carefully take your pot to the bath and pour through a strainer right into the tub. A love meditation As you get into your bath, picture your love. Optional additions to your magical bath experience: Meditative or super sexy music; Sade anyone?

Check back for an entire post on ritual baths coming soon! Manifest With Crystals Freebie A comprehensive guide to choosing the right crystal and manifesting your wildest dreams.

All Natural Ocean Bath

There was an error submitting your subscription. Try to do this with some semblance of privacy, so you can have peace and quiet. This is supposed to be restful and empowering—and it's hard to achieve that if you're yelling at the kids to keep the noise down. If other people live in your home, either send them away while you're taking your bath or ask that you not be disturbed for a while. You may wish to light some candles.

Bathroom lighting tends to be harsh, and there's something very soothing about bathing by candlelight. Some people prefer to turn off the overhead lighting and just use natural light instead, which is easily done if you have a window in your bathroom. You may also want to light some incense , if there's a particular scent you find soothing or inspiring.

Finally, some people like to add music.

How to Create a Powerful Love Ritual Bath – Manifest Box

Put in a CD of your favorite instrumental music, or of natural sounds. Noises like whale songs, waterfalls, rainfall or ocean waves are all appropriate. If you prefer not to have any music, that's fine too—it's really a matter of what relaxes you best. As you run the bath, you'll want to incorporate herbs that are associated with cleansing. The best way to do this is to tie herbs into a muslin cloth or bag, and hang it on the faucet so that the warm bathwater runs through it into the tub. Herbs associated with cleansing and purification include but are not limited to:.

Once you've filled the bath with warm water, running through the herbal mix, immerse yourself in the tub.