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The Joys of Creating and Being “Perfect Weirdos” with Black Honey

From there, Europe beckons too. See full dates HERE.

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Midnight Honey Bath and Beauty Oil

Oh yeah. What are you? Regretsy makes me cackle and cover my eyes simultaneously. Some folks maybe should not be given access to hot-glue guns, or the internets. Float my boat, babies.

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil

Sadly, the artist has moved on to other projects, but up til this September I have been faithfully reading it for the past 7 years. I especially love the photo of the gypsy woman in the yellow skirt. You can tell that the whole meaning of the room is wrapped up in all the people who are going to be there. I never heard of tumbleweaves — they look like an urban form of seaweed.

I love the writing on the calligraphy site — it all looks like it was done with feather or fountain pens. Supposedly handwriting is getting worse generation by generation because of the increased use of computer keyboards. I tried to model mine years ago on a sweet dancer camp counselor who had lovely, loopy writing.

Honey Magpie – Indie/Folk Music from North Carolina

It never equaled hers, but the effort did improve it quite a bit. Thanks for the info!

I love the interiors. Love them. I can see things to incorporate into my Hut.

Black Honey - Midnight (Official Audio)

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