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Minute Motivators Teachers by Stan Toler

People have so many different reasons to join the education field -- what inspired you to become an educator? Perhaps you feel a desire to give back to the community, or you relish the intellectual challenge, or perhaps the simple reward of seeing a student smile every day is your motivation. But I suspect that for many people, an encounter with an inspiring educator might have been the spark that led to this career path. Read on for more video profiles of inspiring teachers across the country and their stories.


Watch the first video below, or watch the whole playlist on YouTube. Chris Emdin , a science educator and professor at the Columbia Teachers College, started the HipHopEd movement to help teachers connect science and math education with students' real-world interests. This video was originally created as an advertisement for Office Depot, but Emdin's message of "meeting students on their own cultural turf" will resonate with teachers everywhere.

Reifler is a teacher in a low-income elementary school in east Los Angeles. Collections: Best Sellers , Digital Media.

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Type: Digital Media. Designed for your director, superintendent, or those who direct the Sunday School program at your church, this is jam packed with key thinking points. If your church desires a strong teenage ministry, your pre-teen ministry must be exceptional!


The Two Minute Motivator (CD Album) | Training Teachers

This CD Packet contains thoughts in one-minute sessions. Some of the It may be as simple as a new seating arrangement that works for you. It can be really motivating to pass on an idea and then get positive feedback on it. Observing other teachers can be a great way to pick up tips and ideas for your own teaching. Approach a colleague and see if they would mind if you observed them.

A two-way observation can sometimes be the most fruitful, so you observe each other and then have a chat about it afterwards.

If you can, ask the observer to watch out for specific aspects of your teaching that you think need some improvement. Giving clear instructions can be an example of this. Ask them for feedback afterwards but remember that there is often no right or wrong in teaching but many different approaches. Keep a record of what you do in your classes and how students react to different activities and techniques. Finally, as you get to grips with teaching English you may find that it helps to read around the subject a little.

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For example, imagine you just gave a conversation lesson and you left the class feeling that you would like to help your students more with their pronunciation, but need some ideas to where to start. Lots of English teachers are now writing articles which are published on the internet about everyday classroom topics and it can really help to see what other teachers are doing in the classroom.