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So what kind of data is important? It turns out that CRM — often much maligned in the sales world — is a vital tool.

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However, she is mindful that when looking at an adept and agile CRM strategy that this too is a long-term journey. A large part of a successful strategy is the ability to provide reps with the insights behind that strategy, a step that can be overlooked yet remains critical if salespeople are to understand the value component. For instance, a rep might dismiss a recommendation that an email be sent to a physician, by providing the local insight that it is the office manager who receives all emails, and seldom passes these on. Establishing a baseline for what GDP looks like and establishing that as a standard operating procedure will be a major step forward.

Indeed, while digital is often viewed simply through the prism of things like apps, websites and wearables — with little thought to its wider implications — it has yet to feed through into softer benefits, Kamkolkar suggests. One of the key things, therefore, that smart experts like Kamkolkar and Richardson are doing is to help guide the company towards the areas that will offer the most potential in terms of investment. And herein lies a seeming contradiction: an over-reliance on new digital tools in the wrong hands has the potential to over-complicate and degrade existing tools such as compensation plans, that help drive sales force behavior.

A plan can easily become overloaded with attempts to drive behavior such as targeting specific segments. He suggests, however, that a more fruitful approach is to focus the incentive plan on the outcomes of targeting a specific segment, with this working alongside appropriate communications and sales leadership aligned around communicating how to achieve success with the incentive plan.

This does not mean that analytics and segmentation are not valuable — indeed, the opposite is quite patently true — but simply that we need to derive genuine insights from analysis of our data to inform our decision making, and this needs to be tailored to the specific resources we have at our disposal.

Bacon is responsible for designing the compensation plans for some 3, sales associates across pharma, surgery, bio-surgery, US managed markets and oncology at Sanofi. My primary role is to make sure incentive design work is aligned to our overall incentive philosophy and of course aligned to the strategy of each of the brands that we work with. So how do you align the twin requirements of market segmentation and providing the field force with the autonomy to carry out their jobs effectively? One of the main ideas is to save as much as possible of your old existing equipment which might well be in a very good condition.

When replacing the teak deck, for instance, it is very often possible to keep the old foot rail and the teak in the cockpit, which might only need some very light sanding. Winches very often work like new after a proper service.

GRP Commercial Fishing Boat Builders UK - Custom Manufacture, Repair & Refit

The standing rigging certainly needs to be replaced, but possibly not the expensive turnbuckles, etc. When opting for a refit, you have the possibility to greatly customize your boat. In particular, you can choose a better piece of equipment with higher quality than on a standard boat. This increases comfort and safety and will have a positive influence on the value of your boat.

Some examples: When changing the through-hulls, you can choose new ones in bronze instead of standard brass. When choosing an anchor windlass, you can choose between standard Lewmar or an upgraded Lofrans. When renewing the Epoxi to protect against moisture and possible osmosis, you can opt for the full 6 layers recommended by the paint manufacturers, instead of the standard two coats. You can request a full documentation and cable diagrams for your navigation and communication equipment with marked cables. Anything is possible!

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You may choose the layout of your pedestal and the colour of the laminate Very often you have to pay a considerable premium if you order something that differs from standard. Very often the extra money spent on the better solution is surprisingly little! Your boat might not become cheaper than a younger second hand boat, but definitely better.

Technical solutions are discussed in detail, keeping a close eye on cost. Further to the below few examples of refitted boats, Adams Boat Care is placing updates on interesting improvements on the large number of Hallberg-Rassy boats they refit every year. Please visit www. Click here to get directly to the blog of recent refitted details on classic Hallberg-Rassy boats. September 16, Refitting your Hallberg-Rassy.

Customers love working with Adams Boat Care! Keeping a close look at cost together with this client from Japan. It is a special joy to be involved in the second total refit of a HR An owner of a brand new Hallberg-Rassy took delivery of his boat, but was not satisfied with the interior lighting.

ASS / Refit

This famous Hallberg-Rassy sails all the way from New Zealand to get her The smaller the boat, the more important the interior lighting. This customer equipped a 24 foot Shark 24 and could sell it right away! Replace your old lighting with a modern LED lighting that provides a feeling of space, coziness and warmth while saving power at the same time.

A rebuild is usually less expensive, but if replacement is the choice — because of need or to increase horsepower — the labor hours can be significant.

Hull Speed

Controls, gauges, engine beds, shafts, stuffing boxes, struts and props may need to be changed. This will add significantly to the substantial cost of just the engine. Electrical systems generally need a fairly simple review.

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  5. Spring is here and with it comes the boat refits.

Inspect all connections, check circuit protection and replace any corroded components. Make sure all circuits are properly load-balanced. Primary battery wiring is critical, especially for effective engine starting. It must be an appropriate gauge, based upon length of runs, and must be protected by a master cut-off switch. Upgrading your electronics suite is pretty straightforward. What do you have room for at the helm and in your wallet?

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There is a lot to choose from, and most of it is quite good, so it comes down to features and cost. Cosmetics are usually the final stage in the refit, and this has a special place in my heart. I love to varnish and paint, and I enjoy the artistic freedom this offers. A change in hull color is often the first choice. Refinishing the deck and house is less popular, as costs go up exponentially because there are myriad surfaces, hardware, windows and non-skid patterns. For example, if the hull or transom has wet or deteriorated coring, you may be better off finding another boat.

And with large fiberglass repairs, the structural work generally goes quickly, but the final fairing and finishing can throw your labor estimates out the window. I paid very little for the boat, and then I went too far redesigning portions of the structure and reconfiguring windows, and I replaced every system. Then I hired a pro to do a top-to-bottom refinish. I sold the boat after over a year on the market and recovered about 30 cents on the dollar — without factoring in my labor.

A refit is a great way to improve and update your boat or get more boat for the money a smaller new model would cost. There were challenges, and some cost more and took longer than expected, but if you plan your work and stick to your plan, the process will be an enjoyable one.