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Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, Book 4)

Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. It is a huge ending that will reverberate throughout the next book. Chess battles her inner demons and truthfully tells Terrible what he means to her, and it was a beautiful scene. Chess is so very damaged, yet she grows so much in this book.

She comes to terms with her feelings for Terrible, she begins to realize that she is worth something as a person, and she is in the very beginning of viewing her drug addiction as a real problem. He accepts every damaged bit of her, and this is what is giving her the strength to become the person she wants to be.

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Now she did see the change in him, saw the slow smile start, the one that always made her feel so good because she could make it appear. We saw the effect the sigil has on Terrible in this book, but how will this hurt Terrible in future books? Can Chess remove it? Will Chess continue on this path of self-worth, or will she have set backs? How will Lex and his new position affect Chess and Terrible in the future?

Will she truly learn to trust another person? June and the release of Chasing Magic cannot get here quick enough! He smelled like home. View all 10 comments. Aug 06, Regina rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-publisher-netgalley-edelweiss , favorite-series , urban-fantasy-uf.

Sacrificial Magic blew me away. The book blew my mind, or I guess Stacia Kane did. I am not sure I even have enough brain matter to write up my thoughts. What got to me in this book is not just the pure awesomeness of the world created by Ms.

sacrificial magic to attain freedom (through realization of individual power)

Kane, or the desirableness of Terrible or the clever mystery woven through the emotional grenades going off in the story. What got to me is that Kane gets how adults act in sexual and romantic relationships. Readers and fans of the Downside Ghosts series wi Sacrificial Magic blew me away. Readers and fans of the Downside Ghosts series will not be disappointed with Sacrificial Magic. Kane writes a meaty and rich mystery and she gives readers more details about the Church and its history.

Chess is fucked up in Sacrificial Magic. She is taking drugs and she hits what I thought was rock bottom. What I was hoping was rock bottom. But despite this pain and difficult subject matter the book is also funny, so damned funny. Cleans the blood, gets rid of impurities. The kids were.

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Despite crying for Chess or cheering for Chess, I spent a good deal of time laughing in this book. Okay, back to the relationship aspect. Chess makes some bad choices in Sacrificial Magic and we could say that this happens, because well Chess is messed up. But I am not sure that is entirely the case.

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At the start of the series, Chess is involved with Lex. Then she becomes involved with Terrible. Then she is with both of them. Ultimately she chooses Terrible. In most romances and in most books in the urban fantasy genre, writers would have us believe that by simply making the choice to be with one person the desire to be with anyone else goes away — it disappears. Yeah, in a perfect world or in a fantasy romance novel those feelings go away. I think the reality is that as adults in relationships we make the affirmative choice to not be with people other than our partner.

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It is a daily choice, sometimes an hourly choice. The liking of other people and the good memories we have in terms of our past with other people do not just disappear. To affirmatively choose to be faithful and honest everday? I think so.

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So Chess is still learning this. She is learning that she has choices and she is learning how to make those choices. Kane captures this tension between wanting to do what is right by a partner and the remembering of desire. I love that she is brave enough to write this into a character and into a female character. Beyond just this tension of making the right decision, Kane writes the ups and downs of a romantic relationship pretty darned well. Most of the readers are likely not hitting rock bottom like Chess and they are not making crazed drug induced decisions. And hopefully we are not in relationships with people who are acting like Chess.

But, many of us have disagreements with our partners. It just seems that in the romance genre, when couples fight and they get back together there is this immediate simpatico and acceptance; but is that real?

Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, Book 4)

Yes couples make up, but the residual of what we went through sticks with us. Kane gets this. Chess and Terrible bring different experiences and different expectations to their relationship and to each disagreement.

When they walk away form a resolution — they are walking away with those different informed understandings. These experiences are there in her memories and the past is painful, horrible stuff. Kind of odd, really. How often did people touch each other?



Was that normal, to just touch someone like that? Not the way Chess felt, like she was trying to stem an arterial bleed with her fingertip. So that might make the difference. Yes, there are parts that will make you mad at Chess and parts that will make your heart weep for her childhood.