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A fast lens is a lens with a large maximum aperture. A fast lens has an aperture with a wider opening allowing more light to enter the camera sensor.

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Always remember that the smaller the f number, e. It is called a fixed lens because it does not have the zooming capabilities of most regular lenses and it remains fixed at 50mm.

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Although this lens lacks zooming versatility it makes up for it greatly with its wide aperture. This great little lens is always good to have on hand in your gig bag. Once you have equipped yourself with a fast lens, or two, you are ready to start shooting some amazing concert photography.

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  7. Concert photography is very challenging because of dramatic light changes during a concert. The greater the spectacle, the more challenging it will be for the photographer to keep up with adjusting the camera settings in order to capture a great shot. To have better control of your exposure it is best to shoot in manual mode.

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    More on camera settings here. Always shoot your lens wide open. Shooting with your lowest aperture will allow more light to enter your camera. Apertures of f1.

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    Anything slower can start producing blurred images. Of course there will be some exceptions to the rule. The more active and energetic the artist, the faster your shutter speed will need to be in order to freeze the action. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview.

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