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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oxford Scientific Films Unit shows how it tackles such problems as filming a wood-wasp laying its eggs inside trees, the hatching of a chick and the courtship rituals of the stickleback. NOVA explores the mighty Colorado River which today has become the life-blood of the Southwest, providing water and electricity to the farms and cities of California, Nevada, and Arizona. The program examines the political expediency and technological over-optimism that has led to some major miscalculations of the river's capacity.

Narrated by Robert J. NOVA explores the impact of whaling and the goods it produces for the industry, versus the grace and beauty of this intelligent mammal of the sea. Does life exist outside this planet? The Viking lander will set down on Mars in July to try to find out just that.

Mind Over Money

NOVA explores how life started on Earth and examines the Viking Lander being built in its germ-free room before starting its long journey. How does a primitive nomadic tribe of the Amazon basin cope with the encroachment of Western settlers? NOVA looks at both sides of the story, revealing the misunderstandings between the two cultures.

Medicine was transformed in the 19th century by the discovery of anesthesia; surgery, until then hasty, bloody and completely unable to deal with internal disorders, subsequently took its place in the front rank of medical practice. This NOVA docudrama depicts the pioneers of medicine. In AD, the Chinese recorded the explosion of a star so bright that it lit the sky for three weeks, even during the day.

Mind over Money with Dr.Ted Klontz

It was the explosion of a dying star that was bigger than our sun. Birds migrate in search of perpetual summer, sometimes traveling as many as 20, miles every year. NOVA uses radar to track and identify migrating birds that travel at night, focusing on how they choose routes that avoid bad weather and make the best of prevailing winds — information that can aid meteorologists. The advance of medicine depends inevitably on the testing of experimental procedures on human volunteers from either the healthy or the sick. Yet such procedures are often dangerous, and may not be of direct benefit to the subject.

NOVA examines how individuals' interests are safeguarded, and asks under what circumstances should experiments be conducted on children. Washoe is a chimp more like a person; she talks with her hands. Trixie Gardner, to learn more about this unusual animal. When Paul Kammerer committed suicide in , it was taken by most of his fellow biologists as a tacit admission of guilt that he had faked his experiments purporting to show the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Controlled nuclear fusion means taming the hydrogen bomb. It could solve the world's energy shortage but it's an enormous engineering challenge.

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Narrated by David Rose. Who were the people that built the first cities — complete with apartment blocks — in North America? They were the Anasazi Indians, who lived in the Southwest for some eight or nine thousand years, and who then, in about AD, abruptly abandoned their cities and apparently disappeared. NOVA traces the steps of this ancient sophisticated culture. NOVA travels to forests and marshes to discover why birds sing and finds surprising parallels with the acquisition of speech in humans.

Fish is an excellent source of protein; it could help ease the growing international food shortage. But in the total world fish catch dropped.

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NOVA explores the possible reasons for this decline. Originally aired as a BBC Horizon episode in Manganese nodules carpet parts of the deep ocean floor. They're potentially a highly valuable source of minerals. NOVA looks at the engineering challenge of harvesting them, and the knotty problems such a venture would pose for international law. Time—a concept which has baffled scientists and philosophers since time immemorial.

Actor Dudley Moore hosts a funny, sobering and visually stunning quest for answers to riddles, as NOVA spends an hour on time.

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Aired on the BBC in When Mount St. Helens erupted, it did much more damage than geologists had expected. NOVA looks at the aftermath of the devastating explosion, and at the beginnings of environmental recovery.

First aired on Horizon as a two-part episode. First: The Rings; two days later, The Moon. Re-narrated Horizon episode. Seattle dentist Barney Clark received the first artificial heart implant in He died in March , having survived days with the world's first permanent, pneumatic, totally artificial heart. NOVA follows the case with the surgeon, William DeVries, and looks at the prospects for this technology to save lives. It also explored the work of Dr.

William F. William Jarvis was the narrator for the British Language version. Can gene therapy correct genetic defects in humans? NOVA presents two hours of the best from its 14 seasons of exciting science coverage. A "talking" chimp, an exploding volcano and a sight-and-sound space video are but a few of the memorable segments. Richard Kiley hosts.

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A star blows itself apart in a nearby galaxy, and astronomers scramble to study the rare appearance of a supernova. NOVA kicks off its 15th season with a fast-breaking science story as it is happening. Narrated by Bill Mason. NOVA follows archaeologists as they unearth clues, some 7, years old, about an unknown, mysterious and advanced sea-faring people who lived along the North Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada.

Part one of a ten-year study. NOVA goes to the Soviet Union for an inside investigation of the world's most catastrophic nuclear power accident with correspondent Bill Kurtis. Two-hour part two of a ten year study.

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Famous guests pose questions for the viewers at home. Marc Summers hosts. They find Hollywood and legend got a few things wrong. Magician James "The Amazing" Randi tests the claims of mind readers, fortune tellers, faith healers and others with purported paranormal powers.

As a magician, "I know how people are deceived," Randi says. NOVA covers the tense vigil of three people with terminal lung disease as they await the most complex of all organ transplants — a new lung. Months of waiting end in a few frenzied hours of intricate surgery. NOVA soars with the condor, an extraordinary bird that lives a tenuous existence in the California mountains and the Andes of South America. Footage includes never-before-photographed nesting sites in the cliffs of the Patagonia.

With help from director Steven Spielberg, author Michael Crichton and a host of scientific experts, NOVA investigates what it would take to recreate the dinosaur theme park in Jurassic Park. It won't be as easy as it was for Hollywood. NOVA takes viewers on the ride of their lives as it explores the science of roller coasters, where physics and psychology meet.

New rides of the future may take place entirely in the mind—with virtual reality. First aired on Channel Four in US federal investigators are called in to determine the cause of a mysterious jetliner crash in Panama , Copa Airlines Flight Nothing about the accident makes sense, until a key clue emerges. Bill Cosby guides viewers through the most exciting footage from two decades of NOVA in a 20th anniversary salute. Real-life action, adventure, mystery, drama and non-stop discovery fill this minute special. A profile of the late Richard Feynman — an atomic bomb pioneer, Nobel prize-winning physicist, acclaimed teacher and all-around eccentric, who helped solve the mystery of the space shuttle Challenger explosion.

Edited and re-narrated from the two-part Horizon episode, "No Ordinary Genius". NOVA delves into the history of secret communications and the people who wrack their brains to decipher them.

The program probes the most celebrated of all cryptographic coups: the breaking of the World War II codes used by Japan and Germany and how codebreaking helped shorten the war. The trip relives the exploits of the Museum's dashing explorer of the s, Roy Chapman Andrews -said to be the real-life model for Indiana Jones.

The 3 Personalities of Money: A Breakthrough Discovery Inmind Over Money

The sport, as precisely choreographed as gymnastics -except that it takes place in airplanes at miles per hour-has always been on the leading edge of developments in aviation. NOVA explores ice-capped mountains-on the equator. These African giants are magical islands of life towering above the scorched plains. Giant forest hogs, bearded vultures, the elusive bongo and other exotic creatures live in this harsh and isolated high country.

NOVA covers exciting and controversial research with chimpanzees who have been trained to express themselves with human symbols. Are they speaking their minds? Or are they just aping their trainers?

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In the first of a three-part series, noted anthropologist Donald Johanson probes the earliest ancestors of the human species, reaching back more than three million years to a strange ape who walked upright. Johanson takes viewers to the site in Ethiopia where he discovered the fossil remains of this missing link nicknamed "Lucy.