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Even though Joliffe is an actor, he possesses a spy mindset and a cunning personality. Each of the books from the series was a success, continuing the legacy of the Dame Frevisse book series, with accurate descriptions of the ways of life from the s, richly detailed writing and intricately plotted mysteries. As her books revolved around medieval England, Margaret Frazer had to do plenty of research regarding that particular age. At the time, writing was intended only to be a hobby to her, but grew into her primary activity, only rivaled by her love for research.

As her curiosity grew about the complex relations of honor, duty and betrayal in s, she set her sails on to research how people of that time viewed their countrymen and land, and how they understood the times they were living in. She started learning about pretty much everything there is to be learned about medieval England — the economy, society, politics, religion, philosophy, psychology of the people.

It can be said that she did the researching pretty thorough, as her descriptions are so lively and accurate. Reason why descriptions in her novels are so well written is probably the fact that she tried to bring that atmosphere to her readers by writing from a point of a person who lived in that time, and not from our point of view. Nonetheless, her writing strategy was widely regarded as one of the best in her niche.

She was married, but got divorced around the year She has two sons, Justin Alexander and Seth Gupton. Both of her sons remember their childhood as a rather jolly memory, as they describe how their mother could have often been seen clad in armor and swinging a sword, and often took them to medieval fairs, that invoked same kind of curiosity about s England, as the books did with her.

Besides writing, she also had passion for acting. Her writing partner at the time, Mary Monica, said that Gail never gave much attention to cancer, and was living free, as if the cancer never was there. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Frazer, a chemist, and his wife, Katherine Brown. Figure of Christ from the Ghent Altarpiece In many historical societies, the position of kingship carries a sacral meaning, that is, it is identical with that of a high priest and judge.

The concept of theocracy is related, although a sacred king need not necessarily rule through his religious authority; rather, the temporal position has a religious significance. History Sir James George Frazer used the concept of the sacred king in his study The Golden Bough — , the title of which refers to the myth of the Rex Nemorensis.

The vaccine, now marketed as Gardasil and Cervarix, was the second cancer preventing vaccine, and the first vaccine designed to prevent a cancer. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute, Georgetown University, and University of Rochester also contributed to the further development of the cervical cancer vaccine in parallel. His parents were medical scientists,[4] and he was drawn to science from a young age. The Golden Bough was first published in two volumes in ; in three volumes in ; and in twelve volumes in the third edition, published — It has also been published in several different one-volume abridgments.

The work was aimed at a wide literate audience raised on tales as told in such publications as Thomas Bulfinch's The Age of Fable, or Stories of Gods and Heroes The influence of The Golden Bough on contemporary European literature and thought was substantial. Turner's painting of the Golden Bough incident in the Aeneid The Judgement of Paris—an Etruscan bronze-handled mirror of the fourth or third century BC that relates the often misunderstood myth as interpreted by Frazer, showing the three goddess.

Through her short-lived first marriage to the Duke of Bedford, brother of King Henry V, she was firmly allied to the House of Lancaster. However, following the emphatic Lancastrian defeat at the Battle of Towton, she and her second husband Richard Woodville sided closely with the House of York. Three years after the battle and the accession of Edward IV of England, Jacquetta's eldest daughter Elizabeth Woodville married him and became Queen consort of England.

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Jacquetta bore Woodville 14 children and stood trial on charges of witchcraft, for which she was exonerated. Megan Frazer born 2 October is an Ireland women's field hockey international. She has also captained the Ireland team. Early years, family and education Frazer is from Derry, Northern Ireland.

She has a sister, Lauren. Catherine of Valois 27 October — 3 January [1] was the queen consort of England from until Her liaison and possible secret marriage with Owen Tudor proved the springboard of that family's fortunes, eventually leading to their grandson's elevation as Henry VII of England. Early on, there had been a discussion of marrying her to the prince of Wales, son of Henry IV of England, but the king died before negotiations could begin.

In , the prince, now Henry V, re-opened discussion of the match, along with a large dowry and acknowledgement of his right to th. William Frederick Frazer 8 July — 28 June [1] was an Ulster loyalist activist and advocate for victims of Irish republican violence in Northern Ireland. He was also a leader of the Love Ulster campaign[2] and more recently, the Belfast City Hall flag protests. James Claiborne Lincoln, Jr. August 17, — February 22, [1] was an American track and field athlete who competed in the Summer Olympics.

In , he married Margaret Frazer, with whom he had at least two daughters and one son also James Claiborne , and later with Winifred Strafford. Lincoln lived most of his live in Missouri and Illinois, but between and he lived in New York, working as a manufacturer.

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He died in Chicago, Illinois. However, it is for what happened just before the competition that Lincoln is best remembered today. External links Evans, Hilary; Gjer.


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He became a favourite of the weak king Henry VI of England, and consequently a leading figure in the English government. Due to his influence in state policy, Suffolk came to be associated with many of the royal government's failures of the time, particularly on the war in France, earning him significant unpopularity and eventually leading to his downfall. He also appears prominently in Shakespeare's Henry VI, parts 1 and 2. His early career was spent in the military, fighting in the Hundred Years' War from a young age.

Despite missing the Battle of Agincourt due to invalidity, he participated in all subsequent campaigns of Henry V,[1] and after the latter's death, Suffolk continued to serve in France, now for the boy king Henry VI.

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A dying-and-rising, death-rebirth, or resurrection deity is a religious motif in which a god or goddess dies and is resurrected. The concept of a dying-and-rising god was first proposed in comparative mythology by James Frazer's seminal The Golden Bough Frazer associated the motif with fertility rites surrounding the yearly cycle of vegetation. This is a list of fictional female investigators from novels, short stories, radio, television, films and video games.

Rinehart then adopted this movie nickname for use in her Adams stories. He is now remembered as an accomplished medieval poet owing to the more than five hundred extant poems he produced, written in both French and English, during his 25 years spent as a prisoner of war and after his return to France.

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Accession Charles was born in Paris. Acceding to the duchy at the age of thirteen after his father had been assassinated, he was expected to carry on his father's leadership against the Burgundians, a French faction which supported the Duke of Burgundy. The latter was never. A controversial figure, he has been characterised as reckless, unprincipled, and fractious, but is also noted for his intellectual activity and for being the first significant English patron of humanism,[2] in the context of the Renaissance. Unlike his brothers, Humphrey was given no major military command by his father, instead receiving an intellectual upbringing.

Former U. First Lady Nancy Reagan was a long-term breast cancer survivor. This list of notable breast cancer patients includes people who made significant contributions to their respective fields and who were diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives, as confirmed by public information. According to the United States National Cancer Institute, an estimated , new cases and 40, deaths women only; no estimates for male victims due to size of sampling pool would occur in the United States in Frederic Lord 15 November — 15 August was an English choral conductor, organist, composer, and music educator.

Lord was born in Bingley. A child prodigy, he started giving organ recitals at the age of 10 and began working as a church organist at the age of From until his death in he served as the organist and choirmaster at the First Baptist Church in Brantford and as the music director of the Ontario School for the Blind. In he founded the Canadian Choir of Brantford which he conducted until his death. The choir drew praise from critics both at home and abroad, making several tours to the United States and Europe.

The choir included in its r. List of English writers lists writers in English, born or raised in England or who lived in England for a lengthy period , who already have Wikipedia pages. References for the information here appear on the linked Wikipedia pages.

The list is incomplete — please help to expand it by adding Wikipedia page-owning writers who have written extensively in any genre or field, including science and scholarship. Please follow the entry format. A seminal work added to a writer's entry should also have a Wikipedia page. This is a subsidiary to the List of English people. D David Dabydeen born , no. Gordie has terminal cancer so Doug's brother, millionaire Gavin McLeod Ben Miller has arranged a lavish party for him, inviting all the important people in the neighbourhood.