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The collection provides an overview of Westwood's catalog, from their early days producing items for machines such as the Amiga and Commodore 64 to Westwood releases through , when Electronic Arts, who had acquired Westwood, moved the company to Los Angeles. Westwood is most important for having created and popularized the real-time strategy game RTS , in which players must try and defeat an opponent by making their moves while the play of the game continues unlike a turn-based game like Civilization or Chess.

This collection includes not only Westwood's U. The collection will be used both for research purposes as well as for display in eGameRevolution. The term was used metaphorically to describe someone giving in. According to Worf , it was Klingon custom to never surrender.

TNG : " The Emissary ". Kirk , told Khan Noonien Singh to surrender and prepare to be boarded. In , Captain James T. Kirk told Commander Uhura to signal a surrender to Kronos One from the Enterprise -A crew when Kronos One powered up their weapons to attack the Enterprise after the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon.

For super-hawk Bolton, 'Surrender is Not An Option'

TNG : " Encounter at Farpoint ". Riker when he was acting captain of the Klingon cruiser Pagh. In , while imprisoned by an unknown species with Jean-Luc Picard, Mitena Haro , and Kova Tholl , Esoqq told Tholl, a Mizarian , that all names of people of his species meant surrender, since their homeworld , Mizar II had been conquered six times as the Mizarians offered no resistance to the takeover of their world.

TNG : " Allegiance ".

During their invasion of the Federation , the Borg demanded an unconditional surrender as it believed Starfleet was helpless against their cube. TNG : " The Wounded ". DS9 : " Past Prologue ".

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